A word from the President

Shortly after I turned fifty, I started wondering what matters the most in life and what would be my contribution to our community as a way to show my appreciation and give back a little of what life has given me. Soon, it became clear to me that if I truly wanted my work to have an impact on our community I would have to dedicate myself to reinventing my own company to continually add value to the stakeholders, including our clients, employees, contractors, partners, the community and myself.

I have owned this company for almost 20 years - BLC, the Brazilian Localization Company was a dream come true for me. It was established in 1993 to provide translation agencies based in the US with English into Brazilian Portuguese translation services, mainly in the fields of IT and Engineering. Over the past years, BLC has successfully done business with many of the largest localization companies in the US and has consolidated its position among the largest Single Language Vendor providers in Latin America (Common Sense Advisory, The Top Language Service Providers in Latin America in 2012).

With a more humane and responsible view to business, BLC has evolved into an innovative company, which strives to improve stakeholders well-being and happiness. Our website was developed to tell you more about our history and the transformation we have experienced in our company. We invite you to visit it to learn more about us and make part of this chain.

Paulo Camargo, Ph.D.
President and CEO
"I want to contribute to the development of the community as a whole and give back a little of what life has given me"