Our search for highly motivated and qualified employees started with a strict selection process and hands-on training in project management, translation memory and machine translation tools we currently use. This is the first step to win the heart of our employees, improve quality and productivity as well as reduce employee turnover rates.

In addition to paying competitive wages, BLC has been sharing 30% of the company’s net profit among its employees since 2012. This makes every member of the team motivated and focused on the company overall performance throughout the year. Clients, therefore, feel as if they were dealing with the company owner. This incentive, together with off and on-site training opportunities, broadens extensively the professional horizons of everyone who works at BLC.

Finally, continuing education and training is an effective tool to instigate professional development and add value to the company. Our In-house Translators and Managers are trained whenever a new and relevant CAT tool is launched in the market. Moreover, BLC offers financial aid to Project Managers and In-house Translators who decide to acquire a MBA degree.

In addition to provide continuing training to the Project Managers, we also intend to offer formal education in other fields to our internal translators.

This background enables our In-house Translators to work as lead translators in new areas of expertise, broadening the array of services we provide.