Like most translation companies, BLC has adopted a business model where projects are managed internally and most of the translation and editing work is outsourced. Our Freelance Translators and editors are a key asset to the success of the company’s operations. Therefore, we believe our success depends extensively on how we manage our relationship with them.

To ensure the commitment and loyalty of Freelance Translators and editors, we start by contacting undergraduates from the Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP).

The training sessions and workshops offered by BLC are very effective in integrating young new graduates into the labor market.

Also, every year, a translator from UNESP is invited to work as a trainee at BLC for a year. The University is our major source of Freelance Translators and Editors.

We also provide language support to our Freelance Translators during the entire translation process. Our Freelancers write down their issues on a Q&A spreadsheet and send it to our in-house linguists. Our lead translators solve most of them, but context issues are usually sent to our clients for clarification. In addition to significantly increase translation quality and the satisfaction of our Freelancers, the Q&A spreadsheet is a tool that enables us to show our clients our professionalism and dedication.

BLC’s Quality Assurance (QA) Policy was created to win the heart of our partners as well as to solve a common problem in our market: the lack of feedback on translation. During the editing stage, our editors evaluate the quality of the translations using a QA sheet based on LISA’s (Localization Industry Standards Association) QA Model. Approved translations get a bonus of 10%. This initiative is highly appreciated by our Freelance Translators. In addition to getting a complete feedback, they also receive the bonus.