The majority of our clients are translation agencies represented by their Project Managers who interacts directly with our Project Managers during the execution of a translation project.

The success of this relationship is crucial for developing effective partnerships, but if we want to make our clients feel safe, protected and fully satisfied, we need to offer more.

We are aware of the fact that only with highly skilled and motivated Project Managers we are able to fully meet our client’s needs. This becomes apparent when we have to face our day-to-day challenges, such as tight deadlines, changes in schedule, high volumes of work, extreme complex projects or terminology. Additionally, as our employee turnover rates are extremely low, our clients will have the comfort and security of dealing with same Project Manager during the entire process, year after year.

Another important factor in providing good services is our in-house team of highly skilled translators/editors. They are the ones in charge of small projects, which normally take less than one work hour to be completed and cannot be outsourced efficiently. Moreover, there are some tasks (such as software tests and client reviews) that only In-house Translators have the appropriate training to perform. Small translation projects demand experience, knowledge, attention to details and skills. They can open the doors to larger projects in the future.