Mission and strategy

Our mission is to win the trust and confidence of the company’s stakeholders, including clients, employees, partners, and the community as a whole. By our words and actions, we keep our stakeholders’ interests aligned and build a sustainable relationship with them.

As the founder and CEO of BLC, Paulo Camargo believes that the company must achieve not only financial returns, but also demonstrate a humanistic team performance. We also want our employees to enjoy working for us and feel valued, involved and motivated to perform at high levels. Moreover, we intend to reduce significantly employee turnover.

Our partnership with Universidade de São Paulo (UNESP) has enabled us to contribute to our community. Through free training and workshops, we help prepare new graduates for a career in Translation to enter as soon as possible in the job market. This strategic partnership has allowed us to create a pool of highly qualified translators and editors.

After satisfying these stakeholders, we will be ready to effectively interact with our clients and make them feel safe, protected and satisfied.